Training for Trainer


The purpose of the Trainer Development Program is to develop internal trainers on methods for providing more efficient trainings and on training techniques that will facilitate translating knowledge into behavior. The aim is to improve the training quality of trainers and increase the added value of the training function in organizations.

Training Program Content

Training the Trainer

“The main difference that distinguishes trainers of adults from other trainers and educators is the skill to persuade adults to learn and put into practice what they have learned.”

Acting on this premise the “Training the Trainer” program was designed for those individuals who train or aim to train adults, either internally or in social life. The purpose is to help participants acquire the skills which an adult trainer should have and develop their training competencies.

• What is training? How do adults learn?
• Pre-training preparation process 

• Skills a trainer should have for a successful training 

• Techniques for handling different participants 

Trainer Workshop

To put into practice - through scenarios, case studies and group exercises - the concepts that are explained in classroom trainings and help participants generate actions in areas to be improved.

Individual Follow-up and Feedback

To support the development of participants after classroom trainings and workshops; to make sure they receive individual coaching on learnings which they couldn’t put into practice and thus, to contribute to their development by building a plan focusing on areas to be improved.

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