Before Trainings

Development Programs are designed around the needs of organizations in alignment with their vision and strategy. The following steps are carried for needs analysis before the training program:
Needs Analysis
The needs analysis phase covers field visits, one-on-one interviews with participants and their managers, surveys and tests, on-the-job observations, workshops and C.A.R The objectives of the programs are based on this analysis.
Contents of the training and everything to be implemented during the training are designed as customized to the organization and in light of findings obtained during needs analysis. Contents of the training designed as such are shared with the top management and training department for their approval and opinion.

During Program

Before the start of programs, a ‘launching ceremony’ is organized to be attended by all participants and top management of the company.

As the program proceed the Consultant prepares a detailed report providing a step-by-step explanation of the trainings given. This report contains data such as observations of the Consultant about participants, an assessment of behavioral skills and exam results. Comments and assessments of participants on the training are also shared in this report. The information contained in the report is communicated to the top management and training department through assessment meetings

After Program

Measuring Success
Development before and after the program is examined in detail. Once all training programs are completed, the results are shared with the top management and training unit as a report.

A report card is formed showing the performance and development of the participant based on all assessments and works carried out during the training. At the end of the program a meeting is organized to provide feedback and recommendations to the organization where all steps and results of the trainings are shared.