Training for Executives


"Leadership is the ability to decide what has to be done and then to have it done by others."

The Executive Development Program is designed especially for those who hold or are to hold executive positions. The program aims to ensure that executives have and put into use all competencies and skills expected from their position.

Training Program Content

Becoming a Successful Leader

To support managers in developing their leadership skills, becoming a role model, establishing effective communication and getting to know the individuals in their team and adopting an approach suited for these purposes.

• Successful leadership and management
• Fundamental qualities for becoming the leader of the team
• Different leadership styles and behavior models
• Effective communication and becoming a role model
• Getting to know and treating the individuals on your team
• Qualities of a proactive leader

Performance Measurement and Assessment Techniques

To ensure that managers measure and assess the performance of their team based on competencies and targets.

• Concepts of competency and target
• Performance system
• Evaluation of targets and competencies
• Examples of target / competency-based corporate performance systems
• Development of behavioral skills consistent with competencies

Feedback Techniques

To support managers in providing accurate, effective and value-adding feedback to their teams.

• What is feedback? What it is not?
• Types of feedback
• Examples of value-adding feedback
• Most common feedback mistakes

Active Coaching Techniques

To ensure that managers acquire high performance competencies such as guiding/coaching their people, following up and measuring results.

• Coaching and the coaching culture
• Importance of coaching
• Competencies of a coach and different coaching styles
• Coaching approach in 4 steps
• Most common coaching mistakes

Building and Managing a Successful Team

To help managers acquire skills such as driving a team towards a specific goal, taking action to increase performance, creating team spirit and building motivation.

• Techniques for building team spirit
• Tactics for boosting performance levels
• Methods for developing the team and increasing performance
• Creating team energy
• Motivation tactics

Workshop: Running to the Top

To help managers acquire skills for developing and implementing action plans in order to drive a team to a specific target and to increase performance, to build team spirit and motivation.

• What are we doing today? Group work
• Actions for increased performance levels individual work
• Discussion platform for developing the team and increasing performance
• Forming target and motivational action lists
• Recommendations and tactics by consultants

Data Analysis

Improving the action-taking skills of managers for employee development and operations management by analyzing multiple pieces of data correctly.

• Dynamics of operations management
• Analyzing numbers in operations management
• Developing action plans
• Problem solving and decision taking

Leadership Journey of a Manager

To support the manager in developing advanced leadership skills.

• Life purpose and values workshop
• Communication is my business
• “Me” in Communication: ego states, emotional intelligence in communication
• Conflict management
• The journey of the leader with his team
• Different leadership approaches
• Learning journey of the leader, road to success
• Professional stand

Techniques for Improving Employee Engagement

To support the actions to be taken by the manager in order to engage and motivate employees.

• Reasons why organizations lose their employees
• Key components of the loyalty program
• Factors affecting employee satisfaction
• Results of surveys conducted in Turkey and around the world
• Finding meaning in your job
• Motivation techniques that may be used

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