I think it was a very useful and insightful training which was also well-integrated with our business.
Canan Dağlı - Erişim
It was very useful for personality inventory and time management. I learned about subtleties of management.
Göksel Yıldız - Erişim

I can say this was the best and most concrete training class I have ever attended. As a difference from previous trainings, we have adopted a style which we've virtually had no idea about..
Yunus Can Çelik - Arvato
We had 3 splendid days. We discussed some very good topics and questions for a one-on-one coaching approach for the team.
Kayhan Deveci - Arvato

It is a training which is to be a long-life guide in every sphere and in every environment where communication and people are involved.
Oben Erguz - Turkasset
This really was a very satisfying training on feedback. I realized that I had many weaknesses yet I learned many ideas and methods on how to overcome these.
Esra Ayaz-Turkasset

I understood the importance of feedback in creating value. I learned what has to be taken into account in feedbacks and how to conclude positively. I can apply this information effectively to any person I am communicating with when necessary.
Erhan Gül - Turkasset
The training content, slides and visual materials as well examples provided to us were an unprecedented resource.
Selçuk Çiftçi - Teleperformance

It was a dynamic training. The information provided was very relevant to the business. The examples were superb.
Rukiye Çamtepe - Teleperformance
This helped me have a better understanding of my job. I will question my approach to people. I learned things which I can apply not only in business life but also in my personal life.
Aydan Baş - Teleperformance
Just like its name the training was unique. It was the most valuable and most relevant training I have ever attended.
Seçgül Özdemir - Turkasset
It was the most extensive training I have ever received from a company I work for, I believe it has contributed significantly to the quality of our call center.
Doğan Demircioğlu - Aktif Bank
It was a training well beyond my expectation, I was motivated. I understood the value of my job and my customers.
Birol Özcan - Aktif Bank
It was a training which will provide considerable benefits on how to become more constructive while communicating over the phone.
Murat Şuekinci - Aktif Bank
Very good. Especially the games and pre-selected videos related with the discussion topics were quite successful.
Pelin Uysal - VDF

I believe that the training content will move me one step further in my job and personal development. It contributed in helping us make more effective use of what we actually know. The examples, the visual materials were very beautiful.
Mine Özel - Fedex
This was a very useful program which I believe has helped my development.
Gizem Bebek - - Sompo Japan Insurance
Here is a training which has to be given on a frequent basis for happy customers and happy agents.
Hilal İncekulak - Pronet
A creative and informative training which is flowing, easy to understand and with examples from real life.
Tuğçe Demircioğlu - Mercedes Benz
Useful, motivating, thought-provoking..
Mesut Demirtaş - Pronet
I think it is a flowing and efficient training which is also very need-focused and fun. .
Ahsen Aybike Benvar - Sompo Japan
It helped me see my weaknesses. I believe it will contribute to my development in my job. Also, it will help me notice those facts which are false yet which we consider to be true. I think this will make a difference in terms of customer satisfaction levels.
Onur Gürpınar - Mercedes Benz
I believe this will help us notice our weaknesses in business life.
Cansu Özçelik - Mercedes Benz
We learned how the things we know to be true are actually false and the ways of correcting these.
Anıl Zafer Kaynar - Özay Law Office
It helped me approach the person in front of me more positively.
Selfinaz Yamik - Özay Law Office
I think this training will help me adopt a more positive perspective and contribute to my willingness to come up with solutions.
Buket Yılmaz - Mercedes Benz