Consultancy Programs Customized to the Needs of Call Centers

We offer 5 individual programs for Call Centers to improve customer satisfaction by providing maximum efficiency. Please click here to choose the most suitable program for your needs.


Service Particulars

Setting up and managing a call center where the human factor is intensely integrated with technology and maintaining it successfully over time is rather a complex process for those who are foreign to this industry. Managing the call center effectively and efficiently is a priority for professionals operating in this industry both to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty and increase efficiency by keeping costs under control.

The UNIQ team offers consultancy services based on real life experience acquired over many years in the call center industry. Our purpose is to support those who wish to operate in this sector in increasing their efficiency, profitability and quality.

Areas of Service

Developing the sales and marketing strategy of outsourced call centers, helping them prioritize their work and develop market penetration strategies.
Current situation analysis for the call center, improving efficiency and performance. Complete restructuring of the call center and process improvement.
Establishing sales processes and methods to make use of sales opportunities.
Analysis and restructuring of performance management systems and bonus schemes, setting up an integral performance system.
Establishing business processes and relevant procedures to manage, supervise and support outsource business partners.
Preparing RFQs for Outsourcing and providing support in the selection process.

Designing and implementing all outsourcing processes (sales, adaptation, etc.) of the call center.
Setting up the call center, putting the call center into operation based on strategic positioning.