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UNIQ Development Programs are trainings where the transition of progress into behavior is closely followed up. Throughout the trainings the consultants measure, observe and provide constructive feedback to support the behavioral change in participants with assignments, exams and exercises. The consultant makes sure that the personal development process is reduced from the group to the individual and learned skills are converted into behavior.

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Success Stories


  • What distinguishes UNIQ is the fact that their trainings do not consist of generic contents; their consultants are well-versed in business processes and infrastructure; the feedback received from the participants in class is shared with Red Academy and the relevant managers; as well as being followed up and made sure that it is reflected on business processes.
    Gezin Cankat
    Vodafone Red Academy, Senior Manager
  • ‘The academic approach of UNIQ was a critical factor in our success. First we participated in the ‘Happy Customer Program". One of the points where UNIQ distinguishes itself is the design of programs that targets change and also features a long-term follow up program making sure that participants apply what they have learned in trainings to business life through assignments and workshops. This process was first reflected on behaviors then on business results.’
    Engin Kurtay
    Pronet, Sales Assistant General Manager/Sales
  • It was the Executive Development Program which was implemented here in TURKASSET. It was composed of 5 steps and lasted for about 8 months and it was designed especially for the Team Leaders, We received feedbacks from Team Leaders after the training such as: ‘It was the best training I have ever attended… It was the best Consultant I have ever seen" ... Every manager has a business plan in order to motive their teams, analyze team performance and take action. They are now more competent in providing feedback and coaching and the progress in their competencies is reflected positively on our business results.
    Zeynep Bilgiç
    TURKASSET, Human Resources and Communications Director
  • ‘... Prior to the training (Executive Development Program) UNIQ consultants performed an on-site analysis of our company and conducted a detailed field study by interviewing employees at various levels. So we were able to set off with a training program that recognized our dynamics and was designed especially for the organization ... The feedback we received from Team Leaders which attended the training revealed that they were able to put into practice what they had learned when confronted with diverse situations throughout the day. When all these things are considered, we can easily say that we have participated in a training program that is vital and that has significant impact on real life.’
    S. Rengin Ağılönü
    Erişim Customer Services, General Manager
  • ‘... the trainings helped our people develop themselves in areas such as managing time efficiently, determining areas for improvement and developing action plans for their team, communicating performance results in an appropriate manner, managing the manager and handling operations based on metrics. In this sense we, as Arvato Bertelsmann, are quite pleased to have collaborated with UNIQ.’
    Berna Çeliktürk Tan
    Arvato Telecommunications Services, Operations Director

How do our customers rate us?

UNIQ executed
"The Call Center Customer Experience Survey"

Until this day, there were no findings in this sector about the relationship between call centers and their customers, nor was any data that would help measure the impact of this relationship on brand perception and loyalty. Results from the "The 1st Call Center Customer Experience Survey in Turkey" cover data that will provide significant insight into the Turkish Call Center industry.