Training for Service


The target of the Service Development Program is to help employees, who act as the voice of the organization, adopt a common service culture and to use professional communication techniques and accordingly increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

Basic Level

Suitable for employees who want to improve their basic communication skills. The purpose is to help participants learn the techniques of adopting an open, clear and professional approach while communicating.

Intermediate Level

This is the training program where communication skills are developed through workshops and exercises. The purpose is to apply, through scenarios, case studies and group work, the techniques and skills explained in in-class trainings and help participants generate actions in those areas which they need to improve.

Advanced Level

Suitable for the people of those organizations that wish to offer a difference-making service while communicating with customers. The purpose is to help participants offer their customers a unique customer experience through the distinctive and subtle communication skills they have acquired.

Master Level

Suitable for the employee of those organizations that wish to become expert communicators and target to make a difference in the industry by creating an impeccable service culture in their communications. At the end of this training program which covers managers as well as employees, a unique service culture is created which the participants internalize, apply and maintain.

Training Program Content

Professional Communication Techniques

To help the people employed in the organization develop their professional communication skills and contribute to increase customer satisfaction levels.

• Communication is our job
• A 4-Step guide to successful communication
• Importance of tone of voice, good diction and expressions used
• Fundamental rules of professional communication

Unique Customer Experience

To make sure that all participants acquire the skills of a professional communicator which is: to actively listen to the customer and find solutions to his problems by acting proactively, to handle challenging situations, not to lose the focus on customer satisfaction even under stress or pressure.

• Perception of quality and service in today's customer
• Steps of creating a unique customer experience
• A service model for creating customer satisfaction through positive emotions
• 6 basic skills for customer satisfaction

Follow-up 1: Workshop

To put into practice - through scenarios, case studies and group exercises -the unique service mentality which is explained in classroom trainings and help participants generate actions in areas to be improved.

Follow-up 2: Individual Coaching Session

To support the development of participants after classroom trainings and workshops, to make sure they receive individual coaching on learnings which they couldn’t put into practice and thus, to contribute to their development by building a plan focusing on areas to be improved.

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