Training for Sales


The purpose of the Sales Development Program is to increase the awareness and motivation of the participants on sales and help them acquire the right skills for making quality sales by taking into account the needs and expectations of the customer.

Basic Level

Suitable for people who want to develop their basic sales skills. The purpose is to help participants acquire skills related with professional sales techniques.

Intermediate Level

This is the program where basic sales skills are supported through workshops. The purpose is to put into use, through scenarios, case studies and group exercises, the techniques and skills that are explained in classroom trainings and help participants generate actions in those areas which they need to improve.

Advanced Level

Suitable for people who want to use diverse and creative sales techniques while communicating with the customer. The purpose is to help participants become experts in sales techniques and develop creative approaches.

Master Level

Suitable for the employees of those organizations mainly engaged in sales business and who want to make a difference in their sector by becoming experts in this area. The purpose of this training, which covers managers as well as employees, is to contribute to the profitability of the company through sales techniques which will be internalized, applied and maintained by the participants at the end of this program.

Training Program Content

Professional Sales Techniques

To increase the knowledge and improve the skills of participants on sales and to enable them to make more quality sales in order to increase customer loyalty.

• Satış Süreci
• Sales process
• Techniques for asking the right questions
• Needs assessment
• Persuasion techniques
• Handling objections in the sales process
• 5 most common critical errors in sales

Advanced Sales Techniques

To help participants progress in various sales techniques and offer creative solutions in response to objections.

• The mind map of a sales representative
• Target and time management in sales
• Different sales tactics for different individuals
• AIDA model in sales
• Understanding and persuading difficult customers
• Creative approaches in closing

Follow-up 1: Workshop

Put into practice, through scenarios, case studies and group work, the sales techniques that are explained in classroom trainings and help participants generate actions in areas to be improved.

Follow-up 2: Individual Coaching Session

To support the development of participants after classroom trainings and workshops, to make sure they receive individual coaching on learnings which they couldn’t put into practice and thus, to contribute to their development by building a plan focusing on areas to be improved.

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